Think and Dream Like a Child

I remember back to my childhood , I had big dreams of success and an image of myself that told me that I could do anything that I wanted. Every day was an adventure. I was indestructible and lived life without fear. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t make mistakes. However, I didn’t dwell on mistakes and my self image never changed because of them.  I believe that most everyone grows up feeling the same way when they are children. They spend their days without fear and worry. Children seem to always be positive and believe that they can do anything.

When we become adults our responsibilities change. We begin to provide for ourselves and as we grow older we start families and our responsibilities grow much greater. We begin to make choices based upon the many things for which we feel responsible.

I believe that is where we change. It is the feelings of responsibility that move us away from the carefree lives that we lived as children. It is the fear of letting others down that changes our belief in ourselves. I believe in being responsible and taking care of things that we should. However, I also think that we should still live and believe in ourselves as we did when we were children.

I have experienced both success and failure. I realize that when I have experienced failure it may have been for many reasons; however, it was never because of the person that I am. Failure and fear take the wind from our sails. Unfortunately, each time we fail and think that it was our fault we begin to have self doubt. This causes us to take fewer risks and perhaps give up trying to achieve our goals altogether.

I also know that when I have achieved success it was because of the belief that I had in myself. It was when I acted the most fearless in the same way that I did when I was a child that I achieved the most success. I had an idea and moved forward with the drive and passion that I had when I was a child. Children have fewer memories of failing and that gives them the belief that they can do anything. As adults we have many experiences both good and bad. Each experience contributes to how we react in the future.

I suggest that in order to move into a more positive mindset that you clean out the “baggage” from your memories. Let go of the failures and the things that hurt you in your past. Grab onto the good things that have happened and that you have done in your life. Look back and remember when you knew that you could conquer the world. Find memories of succeeding. You are not a failure. People are not failures. Failing is an event that we should learn from and that should make us stronger. When you fell down as a child, did you just stay there? No! You got up and dusted yourself off and forgot about falling altogether.

If you are feeling down and need a little something to get you moving forward, tell yourself this, I have big dreams and I am learning everyday to live life with the attitude of a child. I can do anything and I have no fear. With the attitude of a child you can achieve your goals and dreams.