The Key to Motivation

Motivation is a big word with huge importance in achieving personal success. I define motivation as “the burning desire to achieve a specific goal in return for the reward that doing so will bring.”

The most important part of motivation is the potential of the reward. Everything that we do has a reward associated with it. When we eat, we are rewarded with feelings of fullness and the benefits of the nutrients with which we fill our bodies in addition to satisfying our taste buds while doing so. When we sleep, we are rewarded with the feelings of being refreshed and having renewed energy. Many things come to us so naturally that we do not recognize that our actions are constantly rewarded. Perhaps this is why we do not always think of the reward when thinking of motivation. Continue reading The Key to Motivation

Think and Dream Like a Child

I remember back to my childhood , I had big dreams of success and an image of myself that told me that I could do anything that I wanted. Every day was an adventure. I was indestructible and lived life without fear. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t make mistakes. However, I didn’t dwell on mistakes and my self image never changed because of them.  I believe that most everyone grows up feeling the same way when they are children. They spend their days without fear and worry. Children seem to always be positive and believe that they can do anything.

When we become adults our responsibilities change. We begin to provide for ourselves and as we grow older we start families and our responsibilities grow much greater. We begin to make choices based upon the many things for which we feel responsible. Continue reading Think and Dream Like a Child